Reattaching the Chest Strap

Our goal is to create functional gear that inspires confidence with for our customers. Part of adding function to our bags is to create features that allow you to customize your experience with our products. One of these features is a removable chest strap that can be added or removed given your preference.

Removing the chest strap:

  1. On most of our bag models, you can slide each plastic connector to the top of the piping. With a little force, you can easily pull the connector free from the bag.
  2. If you are unable to remove the strap from the top you can also remove it by pulling directly perpendicular to the piping on the bag. With enough force, you can pull the strap free from the bag.

Re-attaching the chest strap:

  1. On most of our bag versions, you are able to reattach the chest strap from the top of the piping on each shoulder strap.
  2. Choose which side of the chest strap you would like on each side.
  3. Take the plastic connector and slide the first prong onto the piping from the top.
  4. Once you have the first prong attached to the piping the second will either need to be threaded in the same way or pushed onto the piping. It may take some readjusting to the correct angle to reattach the second part of the chest strap.
  5. After attaching the plastic connector the strap should be able to slide up and down on the piping.