Which compression cubes should I get?

We offer 3 sizes of packing cubes to allow our customers to customize their packing experience to fit their needs to Live Life on the Move. You can fit multiple of every size of our packing cubes in all of our bags.

The dimensions for the new Packing Cubes are as follows:

Small Cube: 7.75" L X 7.75" W
Medium Cube: 11.5" L X 7.75 W
Large Cube: 11.5" L X 11.5" W

All 3 cube are 5" deep and compress down to 2.5".

Liter Compression:

Small Cube: 4L to 1.5L Compressed
Medium Cube: 5.5L to 2.5L Compressed
Large Cube: 10L to 5L Compressed