Manufacturer and conditions

We are proud to work with such great partners around the world. We truly have a global supply chain and we have great partners from all walks of life and all around the world. All of these people and partners are critical bringing these great NOMATIC products to your door. From sourcing our manufacturing facilities in Asia, to our warehouses in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and Europe to our technical support in the middle east we truly embrace our unique contributions to making a great product and experience. 

Our Manufacturing partners are compliant with all international manufacturing and shipping policies. Our partner's facilities are all ventilated and provide Air conditioned facilities in the manufacturing and assembly lines. We have full-time and part-time seamstresses in our partnered factories working a standard 20-40 hour work week. Our products are made from long lasting and durable materials like Nylon, Kodra, and Tarpaulin that give your bags a long life.

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