Quadpay allows you to finance your online order in three steps:

  1. Choose the Quadpay option when you check out with one of its partner retailers or shop at any online store that accepts Visa using the Quadpay mobile app.
  2. Link an existing debit or credit card to your Quadpay account.
  3. Quadpay will automatically split your payments into four equal chunks and deduct them from your selected card on schedule.

Quadpay uses advanced algorithms to provide you with an approval decision within just a few minutes. You just have to enter a few pieces of information and let Quadpay take care of the rest.

If approved, you’ll pay only the first 25% of your purchase amount. The other 75% will be divided equally and paid over the next few weeks.

Returns with using Quadpay                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Please note that if an order that was made with Quadpay will need to be paid in full before a return refund will be processed. Quadpay cannot refund partial payments. 

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