Whats the difference Between the Shirt Organizer, Apparel Sleeve, and Garment Bag?

While the NOMATIC Garment Bag, Apparel Sleeve, and Shirt Organizer have some similar characteristics. There are a few key features that can make a significant improvement to the way you Live Life on the Move.

The NOMATIC Shirt Organizer was designed to keep your dress shirts and pants organized and to help avoid wrinkles. Using the included plastic folding guide, you can easily fold your shirts and pants to fit perfectly in your bag. The shirt organizer is the smallest of the three accessories you mentioned and can only fit up to 5 shirts.

The Apparel Sleeve is the middle sized of the accessories, and is made to carry accessories and dress shirts. You are also able to pack a dress or skirt. The Apparel Sleeve can fit inside our 30L bag and up, but will not comfortably fit inside the Travel Pack or Everyday Backpack. You are able to pack about 3 dress shirts and a pair a pants as well as accessories.

The Garment Bag can hold shoes, accessories, and up to three suits, or a combination of dress shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, or any other hanging clothes you choose. All materials used are durable and water-resistant to ensure your stuff stays dry and protected. This is the largest of the three accessories and will not fit in any of our bags, as it is meant to be a bag of its own.